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Designed For Semiconductor & Manufacturing Industries

The industry is shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies. Unplanned downtime costs 10 times more than scheduled maintenance. As a semiconductor manufacturer, our solution is customizable and can be retrofitted to your manufacturing systems.

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About G2 Technology

G2 Technology is a joint venture between GBS Singapore and GUTC Taiwan. We have built a reputation for our technical expertise and our ability to develop solution-based products and services to meet our customers’ needs. This is made possible with our in-depth knowledge of advanced technologies. Over the years, we have grown to become a major supplier for Semiconductor, Defense industries and its adjacent markets. 

As a semiconductor manufacturer; We value-add to our customers by developing a range of customized solutions and applications to meet their needs. With our extensive network of business partners, we can complement our expertise with their competencies and deliver the best solutions to our customers.

What you'll find in our Smart Factories

EcoStruxure Power
EcoStruxure Building
EcoStruxure Machine
EcoStruxure Plant

All In One Smart Factory Solutions

Wafer fabs need to shift from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies. It is reported unplanned downtime costs 10 times more than scheduled maintenance. As a semiconductor manufacturer, GBS presents the all-in-one solution to meet the needs of the semiconductor and manufacturing industry.

Our smart factory solution is designed with these goals:

Repair & Refurbishment

We offer refurbishment/repair services for lasers and electromechanical systems.
Parts received are disassembled and inspected in a clean room facility. Irreparable components are replaced and working parts are thoroughly cleaned and calibrated for reassembling and testing.


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