Code of Ethics &
Regulatory Compliance

G2 Technology is
committed to
conducting our business
in a responsible manner
and comply with all applicable law and regulations.

We do not tolerate fraud, bribery, corruption and misconduct in all our business units globally and throughout our supply chain. We are determined to foster and maintain an environment where anyone can report any wrongdoing, in good faith, without the fear of retaliation.

1) Freely Chosen Employment

Forced, bonded (including debt bondage) or indentured labor, involuntary or exploitative prison labor, slavery or trafficking of persons is not permitted. This includes transporting, harboring, recruiting, transferring, or receiving persons by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction or fraud for labor or services. There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers’ freedom of movement in the facility in addition to unreasonable restrictions on entering or exiting company- provided facilities including, if applicable, workers’ dormitories or living quarters. As part of the hiring process, all workers must be provided with a written employment agreement in their native language that contains a description of terms and conditions of employment.

Foreign migrant workers must receive the employment agreement prior to the worker departing from his or her country of origin and there shall be no substitution or change(s) allowed in the employment agreement upon arrival in the receiving country unless these changes are made to meet local law and provide equal or better terms. All work must be voluntary, and workers shall be free to leave work at any time or terminate their employment without penalty if reasonable notice is given as per worker’s contract. Employers, agents, and sub-agents’ may not hold or otherwise destroy, conceal, or confiscate identity or immigration documents, such as government-issued identification, passports, or work permits.

Employers can only hold documentation if such holdings are required by law. In this case, at no time should workers be denied access to their documents. Workers shall not be required to pay employers’ agents or sub-agents’ recruitment fees or other related fees for their employment. If any such fees are found to have been paid by workers, such fees shall be repaid to the worker.

2) Young Workers

Child labor is not to be used in any stage of manufacturing. The term “child” refers to any person under the age of 15, or under the age for completing compulsory education, or under the minimum age for employment in the country, whichever is greatest. Participants shall implement an appropriate mechanism to verify the age of workers. The use of legitimate workplace learning programs, which comply with all laws and regulations, is supported.

Workers under the age of 18 (Young Workers) shall not perform work that is likely to jeopardize their health or safety, including night shifts and overtime. Participants shall ensure proper management of student workers through proper maintenance of student records, rigorous due diligence of educational partners, and protection of students’ rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Participants shall provide appropriate support and training to all student workers. In the absence of local law, the wage rate for student workers, interns, and apprentices shall be at least the same wage rate as other entry-level workers performing equal or similar tasks. If child labor is identified, assistance/remediation is provided.

3) Humane Treatment

There is to be no harsh or inhumane treatment including violence, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, bullying, public shaming, or verbal abuse of workers; nor is there to be the threat of any such treatment. Disciplinary policies and procedures in support of these requirements shall be clearly defined and communicated to workers.

4) Non-Discrimination / Non-Harassment

Participants should be committed to a workplace free of harassment and unlawful discrimination. Companies shall not engage in discrimination or harassment based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership, covered veteran status, protected genetic information or marital status in hiring and employment practices such as wages, promotions, rewards, and access to training. Workers shall be provided with reasonable accommodation for religious practices.

5) Business Integrity

We are committed to conducting business with integrity, consistent with the highest ethical standards, and complying with applicable laws and regulations. G2 Tech does not tolerate any malpractice, impropriety, statutory non-compliance or any wrong doing by board members, employees as well as consultants, vendors, contractors, and/or any other parties with a business relationship with G2 Tech. We are determined to foster and maintain an environment where anyone can report any wrongdoing, in good faith, without the fear of retaliation. G2 Tech will not tolerate any harassment or victimization of the whistleblower and will take appropriate disciplinary action against employees who retaliate against the whistleblower.

All reports are treated with strict confidentiality. All parties (including employees and other stakeholders) may raise their concerns and/or write to seek advice on the G2 Tech’s anti-bribery program through one of the following channels below. They can choose to remain anonymous in doing so. The identity of the whistleblower shall be kept in strict confidence, where possible.

6) No Improper Advantage

We do not tolerate corruption of any kind whether relating to private individuals, government officials, private companies or public organizations. We comply with all bribery and anti-corruption laws. We must not offer, attempt to offer, authorize or promise any sort of bribe, facilitation payment or kickback to a public official or any person for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or an improper advantage.

Likewise, we must never solicit or accept a bribe or kickback from a public official or any person. In addition, we must not hire others to do anything that we cannot ethically or legally do ourselves. Payments made to government officials to expedite or perform a routine administrative action are not permitted. These payments, sometimes known as “facilitation payments,” are illegal under most local anti-corruption laws, and regardless, these payments are against GBS policy and will not be tolerated.

The Company and its employees may be held liable for bribes paid by its agents, consultants and other third party intermediaries acting on behalf of the Company. We must ensure that such third party intermediaries are evaluated and appointed in accordance with G2 Tech’s policies.